Moving forward to CITB

We’re moving to CITB in direct response to you, our customers, wanting us to make it simpler for you to do business with us

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This will mean that we will stop using some of our other brand names such as Cskills Awards and CITB-ConstructionSkills. Direct feedback from you, our customers and stakeholders, together with extensive research suggests that using lots of different brand names is confusing and CITB has the widest recognition in the industry.

We’ll make the move to CITB over the next 12 months, taking the opportunity to renew materials as part of our normal cycle so as not to incur additional costs. We’re starting our rebranding with the launch of this new website.

Won’t it cost lots of money?

No because the changes we’re making are evolution not revolution and we’ll be changing all our materials as part of our normal cycle of renewal over a 12 month period.

What about Scotland and Wales?

We will work carefully to ensure a gradual transition as we’re conscious of some of our key stakeholders in Scotland and Wales knowing us under our partnership Sector Skills Council name as ConstructionSkills.

What about our role as a Sector Skills Council?

Along with CIC and CITB Northern Ireland, we’ll still be a partner in the Sector Skill Council, ConstructionSkills and we will continue to use the ConstructionSkills brand for our partnership working; but we – as an organisation – will be known as CITB.

If we’re all CITB, won’t that be a conflict of interest and confusing for customers?

Our website is a good example of how we’re trying to make it simple. We collect a levy from the industry and provide services and grants devoted to building competitive advantage for the industry and those who work in it through skills.

We have a number of services supported by the Levy system, including:

  • Employer support
  • Providing Careers information, advice and guidance
  • Setting Qualifications & standards for the industry
  • Providing the labour market information and research to highlight the industry’s skills’ needs.

As a social enterprise and charity, we also sell and deliver training and skills related products so that any profit can further support our work.  There are some services we help support or manage on behalf of other organisations such as industry card schemes.

So if a customer decides to buy a product such as training from us, any money we make goes directly back into supporting the industry.  Customers may also be entitled to grant support when buying a training course or taking on an apprentice.

Our direct products include:

  • CITB Apprenticeships (our Managing Agency)
  • Awards and accreditation (e.g. CSkills Awards)
  • Publications
  • Cards and testing
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