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Information, resources and support material

About the Levy
Find out how the Levy system supports collective action for industry

Access information about the organisation’s structure and monthly spending

Corporate publications, including board and committee papers
Explore our organisational publications, including our Annual Report and Accounts, Business Plans

Find out which federations work on behalf of the construction industry  

Construction Skills Network - industry trends
Discover the UK's construction industry labour market trends 

Bespoke research services
We can help you, if you're looking for some tailored information about roles and skills in demand 

Press contacts
Contact details for the CITB press team

Sustainable construction
Read the latest news and find out about training in the sustainable construction sector

Claiming the grant and available grants
If you're thinking about organising training or are looking for funding to support a development project, we may have a grant to help

Health, safety and environment
Read the latest health and safety related advice and discover what training courses, publications are avaible 

Training and courses
Explore the broad range of construction related training CITB offers the workforce

Construction Skills Strategy
Find out how the strategy for skills aims to equip learners with the current and future skills needed by employers

Skills Academies
Discover how NSAC takes a project-based approach to helping clients and contractors get the right skills where they need them - on site.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints

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Local information

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