About the Construction Apprenticeship Scheme

The Construction Apprenticeship Scheme (CAS) is a registration scheme offering a ‘formal’ apprenticeship to individuals following a craft technical career in a construction-related occupation 

The Construction Apprenticeship Scheme (CAS) is aimed mainly at school leavers entering the construction industry for the first time, but is open to all ages and operates throughout England and Wales. 

The scheme is well regarded by the industry in providing a measure of protection and commitment to apprenticeship programmes, as well as an important in getting financial support through the Grant Scheme. 

CAS is owned by the construction industry and administered by CITB, the Construction Industry Training Board. 

Download the Complete Guide to the Construction Apprenticeship Scheme (PDF, 452KB). 

What does CAS provide? 

CAS has the support of key industry federations and unions, demonstrating the commitment towards the training and retention of new construction workers.

Download a full list of CAS Partners (PDF, 174 KB). 

CAS provides both the employer and the individual with a formal contract using a Deed. The Deed itself covers such things as employment, structured training towards a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and it’s framework in the chosen occupations and the relevant time period, usually a minimum of two years for those entering the industry for the first time. 

Everyone benefits; employers and apprentices sign a formal commitment to each other for the period of training and all parties know exactly where they stand. 

The deed fully complies with the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 and additions from 6 April 2012.

Responsibilities – who does what?

The employer will

  • Uphold and adhere to the CAS scheme rules (PDF, 64 KB)
  • Provide proper supervision and training for the apprentice, in a safe manner, in all areas of the chosen occupation
  • Allow the apprentice to attend formal off-the-job training if required 

The apprentice will: 

  • Uphold and adhere to the CAS scheme rules (PDF, 64 KB)
  • Endeavour to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in their chosen occupation
  • Observe all safety advice and follow safety procedures
  • Attend formal off-the-job training courses as required to underpin site training and experience 

The parent/guardian will: 

  • Be responsible for the apprentice’s affairs in connection with the Deed, until the apprentice reaches the age of 18
  • Provide encouragement and support for the apprentice where appropriate 

The CAS Management Committee will: 

  • Manage the scheme on behalf of industry
  • Promote the scheme at every opportunity
  • Make recommendations in the best interest of all parties
  • Enhance and improve the scheme in line with the legislation and custom and practice
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