Benefits and responsibilities

All parties involved in the Construction Apprenticeship Scheme have responsibilities to take care of

Who benefits from the Construction Apprentice Scheme (CAS)? 

Everyone benefits; employers and apprentices sign a formal Deed committing to each other for the period of training. All parties know exactly where they stand from day one.

Responsibilities – who does what? 

The employer will: 

  • Uphold and adhere to the Scheme rules
  • Provide proper supervision and training for the apprentice, in a safe manner, in all areas of work in the chosen occupation
  • Allow the apprentice to attend formal off-the-job training if required 

The apprentice will: 

  • Uphold and adhere to the Scheme rules
  • Endeavour to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in their chosen occupation
  • Observe all safety advice and follow safety procedures
  • Attend formal off-the-job training courses as required to underpin site training and experience

The parent/guardian will: 

  • Be responsible for the apprentice’s affairs in connection with the Deed until the apprentice reaches the age of 18 years
  • Provide encouragement and support for the apprentice where appropriate

The CAS Management Committee will: 

  • Manage the Scheme on behalf of industry
  • Promote the Scheme at every opportunity
  • Make recommendations in the best interest of all parties
  • Enhance and improve the Scheme in line with the legislation and custom and practice

The CITB: 

  • Administer the scheme on behalf of industry
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