Client based approach

Our best practice guide aims to encourage early contractor involvement

What is the Client Based Approach?

CITB has developed practical advice on procurement, legal and contractual issues for; public bodies who are procuring for construction projects and contractors and supply chain companies who are responding to bids.

We can provide working documentation to guide strategy, procurement and implementation, which will support the inclusion, in public sector construction projects, of apprentices, work-placements and opportunities for improved skills.

What are the benefits?

This has helped a number of local government authorities and organisations to bring extensive benefits to their local communities. One of the main benefits of the Client Based Approach is its ability to better ensure skills legacies are created in local areas once work is completed on construction projects. The approach has also helped to consolidate relationships between clients, contractors and supply chain members so that they can give better value for money and complete work more effectively. 

Examples of the Client Based Approach

The Client Based Approach has already been used by a number of organisations including Southampton City Council, The St James Group and The Ministry of Justice - which used the approach to develop a number of training and employment benchmarks when procuring for the refurbishment of young offenders institutes and prisons across the UK.


For further information, please contact Sarah Fenton, Head of Local Sector Strategy:

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