Skills and training funding

Applications for this funding are now open and will remain open until March 2018.  Applications are scored at fixed points in the year.  Scoring points are detailed here.

Skills and training funding falls under our flexible fund, and supports small and micro employers (with up to 99 employees), and specialist federations, with the delivery of training and upskilling.

Who can apply?

  • CITB registered employers with up to 99 employees
  • Construction federations and trade associations that are not currently benefitting from any ongoing funded projects under other flexible and structured funding options. 

Eligible activities

Skills and training activities essential to the construction industry, like:

  • upskilling programmes
  • multiskilling programmes 
  • training support materials

Project length

  • Projects should last no longer than 18 months.

Amount available

  • Up to £5,000.for employers up to 49 employees
  • Up to £7,500 for employers up to 74 employees
  • Up to £10,000 for employers up to 99 employees
  • Up to £10,000 for federations and trade associations
  • You can use the funding to part-fund your project if it costs more than these amounts.
  • If other CITB funding is available (eg through the grants scheme), you should reduce the amount asked from our skills and training funding by the amount you could claim from other sources.

Impact required

Your project should lead to one or more of the following strategic priorities for skills and training:

  • reduce skills gaps
  • increase access to the right training
  • reduce skills shortages
  • increase the appeal of working in construction
  • increase in training expenditure
  • increase in added value per employee.


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