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CITB Grants ensure the long term growth and development of the industry, by contributing towards the costs of training, recognised qualifications and development

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We offer grants to support a wide range of training and qualifications, from apprenticeship support to management and supervisory qualifications, and other grants that help develop the whole of your business.

Download a copy of the 2014/2015 Grants Scheme booklet.

2014/2015 Grants Scheme Leaflet England and Wales (PDF,750 KB) 

2014/2015 Grants Scheme Leaflet Scotland (PDF,802 KB)

Training that conforms to the Principles of Sound Training can give your workforce the opportunity to gain new and develop existing skills, which will help to keep your business competitive.

The Grants Scheme plays a lead role in helping to achieving our Policy Objectives.


All employers who are registered with CITB can claim a grant, even those who don’t pay levy.

There are grants available for all your Pay as You Earn (PAYE) employees and labour-only sub-contractors (LOSC) and from 6th April 2015 your NET (taxed) CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) sub-contractors.  Any agency staff you use will also qualify for many of the grants that are on offer.

Further to the changes in Levy legislation and the amendment to the Grants Scheme Terms and Conditions and as a result, we have received a number of queries about how this affects you.  Here is a list of the most common questions with answers, that we hope help you with these changes .  If you have a question that isn't answered below, please contact us on 0344 994 4455.

For more information on eligibility, read the full details of our Terms and Conditions 2014/2015 (PDF, 85 KB)

Available grants

For full details of the grants available and the terms and conditions that apply, including closing dates, visit our available grants page. You can also contact your local CITB office for more information.

Company Development Advisers

Our dedicated Company Development Advisers (CDAs) can offer tailored advice relevant to you and your business.

CDAs have helped thousands of employers benefit from training opportunities in their area, as well as information on health and safety training, grants and funding.



Benefits of the Levy and Grant System 

We collect levy funds from employers who are required to pay the levy and then invest the money back into the industry. The funds are used to support employers who train their workforce and to help skills development in the construction industry.


Giving grants to employers to train and up-skill their workforce is the main way in which we support the construction industry.

Our ambition is for the sector to become world class – to be one of the most highly skilled, productive, safe and sustainable Industries in the world.

It’s our job to increase training and skills within the industry. To do this we work hard to:

  • reduce skills shortages
  • improve business performance
  • bring a diverse range of people to the industry
  • improve learning for apprenticeships, higher and further education
  • develop professional occupational standards

Only employers who are registered with us can benefit from the levy and grant system. Those who are registered can benefit from:

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