Grant reform

Over the last two years, CITB have consulted widely with employers about how to make the Grants Scheme improve training outcomes to support the core construction trades. They asked for the Scheme to be:


In response, CITB have created a set of principles that will help assess how grant should be used and what training it will support. These are:

  1. Encourage training specifically related to the construction industry, aligned to CITB’s scope order
  2. Align funding to priorities and standards – focusing our support on delivering training that meets industry-agreed standards, so the skills achieved are universally recognised and portable 
  3. Support all Levy registered employers and the full sub-contractor workforce – delivering right across the supply chain
  4. Use targeted funding to support industry priorities – enhance support for the areas where the need is greatest 
  5. Prioritise investment in areas where there is a long term commitment and return on investment – such as apprenticeships and vocational qualifications.


In line with the principles, the Grants Scheme will focus on;

  • apprenticeships
  • vocational qualifications
  • short duration courses.

CITB will work with industry to determine the training to be supported, estimating the likely take-up and priorities for industry to establish rates that are both an incentive and affordable.

What the Grants Scheme won't support

This renewed focus means that the future Grants Scheme will not support the full range of businessactivities that it currently does.

We will support some management and leadership skills training but training for generic activities such as HR, administration and accountancy will not receive grant support in future.

However, we will work with employers to review ‘non-construction’ training if a specific element is identified as particularly related to the industry.

CITB will not withdraw any support until the reforms are ready and tested.

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