Scheme Rules

As a part of our ongoing improvement to Site Safety Plus, we are continuing to update the scheme which includes the Scheme Rules and Appendices.

The documents will continue to get reviewed and updated. Please keep checking back to this page to ensure that you have the latest Scheme Rules and Appendices prior to delivering a course.

All the information you need to become a Site Safety Plus training provider and run courses can be found in the Scheme Rules. You can download the Scheme Rules and Appendices below.

Scheme Rules Contents 

Exam Papers and Answer Grids Version Control (219KB, PDF)

Updates for 2017 publications (19KB, PDF)

Appendices Matrix

The below Appendices Matrix has been created to support you by mappping the previous referencing of appendices to the new referencing system. We have changed from a number format to letters following the recent introduction of new courses, and the expiry of existing courses.

Appendices Matrix


Appendix A - Health and Safety Awareness (HSA) 

Appendix B - Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC) 

Appendix C - Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) 

Appendix D - Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Refresher 

Appendix E - Site Safety for Shopfitters and Interior Contractors (SSSIC) 

Appendix F - Site Safety for Shopfitters and Interior Contractors Refresher 

Appendix G - Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) 

Appendix H - Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher (SMSTS-R)

Appendix I - Directors Role for Health and Safety (DRHS)

Appendix J - Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) 

Appendix L - Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course (TWCTC) 

Appendix M - Temporary Works Supervisor Training Course (TWSTC) 

Appendix N - Temporary Works General Awareness Training Course 

Appendix O - Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme (TSTS) 

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