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Get ready for the new Grants Scheme

In case you hear us talking about it, we call it the Training Model, made up of these three parts:

  • New Grants Scheme - more flexible and focussed on supporting construction related training allowing CITB to support the areas of greatest training need.
  • Construction Training Directory - where employers can find the right training, in the right place, at the right time supported by Grant.
  • Construction Training Register:
    • employers can see the qualifications each construction worker holds
    • starts to create an invaluable database of training across the industry
    • allows us to put support in the right places and see the true picture of training across Great Britain
    • will also ultimately automate grant claims and payments systems for every online registered employer - so a significant reduction in paperwork.

We’ve been talking about this for well over a year now and it’s finally here. But we know that any new system comes with challenges and expectations. We knew that we couldn’t turn on everything on day one and give employers no time to get ready for it. We knew that there had to be a ‘bedding in’ period and a transition from the old to the new. We knew that we had to give employers time to adapt, but also to ensure employers could get support for training while that transition takes place.

It’s key to us that we make sure that employers keep getting support for the right training but we also need help! It is important that employers get ready for the new Grants Scheme year.

To help give some clarity on how the new Training Directory, Training Register and Grant Scheme work and interact, we’ve developed an interactive presentation (1.24MB) . This file may not be suitable for users with adaptive software.

I hope you find it useful to help get ready for the new Grants Scheme year. As ever, please do let us know of any queries at .


Mark Noonan
Industry Relations Director