Nomination, Appointments and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination, Appointments and Remuneration Committee considers, agrees and recommends to the CITB Board an overall HR strategy, remuneration policy and philosophy that is aligned with its long-term business strategy, business objectives, risk appetite and values.

The Committee has engagement with the work of the CITB Head of HR and will liaise, as required, with the CITB Audit and Risk Committee in relation to risk-adjusted performance measures to confirm that the Remuneration Policy is in line with sound and effective risk management.

The Committee will advise and provide assurance to the Board on:

  • The appointment of the CEO, Board, Nation Councils and Board Committee members, including plans for the capacity building of existing and prospective members.
  • Remuneration Policy, to include the budget for annual salary increases; all aspects of remuneration in respect of the CEO and each direct report to the CEO (including performance target outcomes and other commitments to be made on redundancy, retirement, resignation or dismissal).
  • Succession Planning process for members of the CITB Executive and Leadership Teams.
  • The on-going monitoring of HR KPIs in the context of the CITB strategic plan.

Current Committee Members (as at August 2020) are:

  • Tony Elliott – Chairperson and CITB Board Trustee
  • Diana Garnham – CITB Board Trustee
  • Peter Lauener – CITB Chair​

Attendance at 2019 Meetings

  March August November
Peter Lauener
Diana Garnham


Attendance at 2018 Meetings

  February November
Maria Pilfold
Diana Garnham
Karen Jones
Ray Wilson* *Resigned from Committee in February 2018