Future CITB: Vision 2020

In 2017, CITB conducted one of its largest ever industry consultation exercises and learned what UK construction wants from a modern training body:

  • A streamlined organisation
  • Renewed governance, increased transparency on outcomes and greater accountability regarding their achievement
  • An effective, sustainable business model
  • Better value for levy payers and a reformed grants scheme
  • Modernisation to boost productivity and careers in the industry
  • A sustainable, high quality training and development market.

Throughout the Consensus process we heard further strong messages from Federations and employers that they want to see these reforms happen and quickly.

The independent ITB review represents the final piece in the roadmap towards our future model, and CITB fully supports its vision for a modern training body. This report underlines what many of you have told us, and is crucial in identifying how our reforms will support a range of priorities including improved productivity, modernisation and the Industrial Strategy.

Construction is facing a number of challenges including changes in migration, an aging workforce and a period of economic rebalancing accompanied by increases in workloads – including some key large scale infrastructure projects. But we also need to look towards the future and how industry can deliver projects more effectively using new methods of construction.

A modern workforce needs a modern fit-for-purpose training organisation and that is what we are committed to delivering.

Our agenda for change which sets out six key outcomes we will deliver in the next 12 months to tackle our sector’s skills issues.

Watch Sarah Beale, chief executive of CITB discuss what the ITB review means for the organisation (duration 1min 40sec).

The agenda for change

We will:

  1. Be accountable

    Through national campaigns, transparent strategic planning and a new outcomes focus you’ll help shape what we do, how we do it and see it happen.

    We will work with our industry to develop strategy, focusing on the outcomes construction needs. By being specific, we’ll be able to initiate campaigns on key issues from careers to apprenticeships that translate into clear results such as a more diverse, inclusive and highly-skilled workforce.

    We will target our influencing activity to ensure the UK, Scottish and Welsh policy framework reflects the needs of construction.
  2. Be representative

    Through strong partnerships, renewed governance and improved accountability we will be more representative of our industry.

    We will ensure that smaller firms have representation on the CITB Board. We’ll also make sure that all of Great Britain is fully represented and engaged in our governance in order to influence decision-making.

    Building on better representation we will make better decisions, reflect the breadth of the construction industry, and work smarter to deliver the skilled workforce needed in England, Scotland and Wales.
  3. Be relevant

    By modernising, changing the way we do business and providing the support that you need – building an insight base, creating a high-quality standards framework, advocating, engaging and influencing to ensure training provision.

    CITB’s reform programme includes a commitment to focusing on the core areas of activity industry needs – careers, training and development, standards and qualifications.

    In addition, we have been developing and sharing high-quality insight through our new white paper series of research briefs, which are designed to lead change in key areas.

    We will continue to build our evidence base and, importantly, use it to engage with government to help create a positive policy environment for construction. We will also divest of activity where we feel others are better placed.
  4. Be responsive

    By reforming our Grants Scheme, making payments easier and more accessible, and using our resources to support a sustainable, responsive and high-quality training and development market.

    The Grants Scheme reforms are designed to maximise returns on the investment that companies make but, importantly, our new reforms will shift the focus from ‘cash out’ to ‘skills out’.

    Construction invests in CITB because it needs a talented and generous pool of workers to support our world-class construction industry. We have a duty to make that money work harder and smarter, to deliver a skills-based return on investment.
  5. Be innovative

    Ensure our resources are focused on getting the market working, creating an outcomes-orientated business that is agile, flexible and strategic, delivering on the outcomes that matter to our industry.

    We know CITB can do better. This means working smarter and investing Levy funds in a way that boosts skills but also means a leaner, more agile organisation. By shifting our focus away from direct delivery of training and concentrating on our core activities we know that we can make a better, more meaningful contribution to the sector.

    CITB has a key role to play in advancing the modernisation agenda, driving future skills and leveraging investment to ensure that the training and development market works. It will also see CITB helping to develop world-class standards and qualifications that respond to your changing skills needs, making construction a ‘go-to’ career.
  6. Be influential

    Build engaging, dynamic partnerships that offer creative and innovative responses to industry’s big challenges – from closing the skills gap to advocating for construction careers.

    Influence on behalf of the construction industry through an insight-led approach to engagement. Future CITB will ensure that government and providers together create a training and development environment that meets your needs.

    We’ll deliver a strong research base that industry can rely on when making critical investment decisions. It will enable construction to approach strategic challenges with confidence and insight and help deliver the skills it needs to raise productivity.
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