Supplying CITB

UK Governments are keen to ensure value for money in public spending and so they ask public bodies to be transparent about their operations


As part of  this transparency agenda, CITB meets the following  commitments on procurement and contracting:

  • All new central government Information Communications Technology contracts over the value of £10,000 are to be published in full online.
  • All new central government tender documents for contracts over £10,000 are to be published on a single website with this information to be made available to the public free of charge.
  • All new central government contracts to be published in full.

This means that those looking to bid for contracts with CITB should be aware that, if they are awarded a contract, it will be published. In some circumstances, limited redactions (removal of information to maintain privacy and confidentiality) will be made to contracts before they are published.


CITB only has two methods of ordering

  1. An official order that must be quoted on all invoices (payment of satisfactory invoices within 30 days), or,
  2. Corporate purchasing cards.

Supplying goods/services process 

If you would like to bid for a contract to supply CITB you should:

We will:

  1. Evaluate your application with those of all other interested suppliers.
  2. From the Tenders submitted, CITB will decide the most cost effective method of contracting to obtain best value.
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