Develop your skills

You may have an idea of where you want your career to go, or know what you'd like to do, and want to find a career that makes good use of your skills.

An apprenticeship is a great way to develop, get top quality training and gain qualifications.

Skills are important

To help you make the best start on your career journey, we've provided a number of tools to help you develop your skills. 


Having the right skills is more important than ever before, as in less than ten years there will be very few jobs that require no skills at all. 


As well as boosting your career prospects, new skills could be the first step towards the qualification you've always wanted to get. Skills are alos useful in all sorts of situations in life, and can boost your confidence. 

What's on offer in construction


If you want some more advice about what skills are needed for certain jobs then try our Career Progression tool or get in contact with us. 



The construction industry also recgonises the achievements of outstanding apprentices each year with the Cross-Industry Construction Apprenticeship Task Force (CCATF)


Go the CCAFT website for more information and updates.

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