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How to take on an apprentice

A step by step guide to taking on an apprentice. For more information about how apprentices can help your business visit CITB Apprenticeships

See also our video about how to become an apprentice.

Please note that the National Apprenticeship Service is not available in Scotland.

How to Hire a Construction Apprentice Video

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A quick guide on how to take on an apprentice

Taking on an apprentice is simple and we are here to help you through the entire process.

1. The first step is to register your vacancy online by completing the form at

This takes about 10 minutes and doesn’t mean you’re committed to taking on an apprentice. You don’t always need to be levy registered to apply. 

If you want some help, a dedicated Apprenticeship officer can walk you through the whole process. You can find your local Apprenticeship officer by phoning 0344 994 4010.

2. Once we’ve received your details, A CITB Apprenticeship Officer contact you to discuss your requirements and advertise your vacancy via the National Apprenticeship Service website. We can also offer guidance on other useful websites to advertise your vacancy.

Please note that the National Apprenticeship Service is not available in Scotland.

3. An Apprenticeship Officer can visit your company and provide you with a list of suitable candidates to pick from, especially if you haven’t recruited an apprentice before.

4. They can also set up the interviews and support the interview process .  If you want to see whether someone is right for you before signing up for the full apprenticeship programme, you can offer a temporary placement to any candidates through our Experience Construction Programme.

5. We’ll give you a £200 payment to help with costs and you don’t have to offer them an apprenticeship if you think they’re not suitable.

6. Once you’ve decided who you’d like to take on, an Apprenticeship Officer will visit you, help complete any paperwork and make sure Health & Safety Checks are in place to meet the requirement of taking on an apprentice.  We will do all we can to keep the paperwork to a minimum.

7. If you are eligible for grants, your Apprenticeship Officer will provide you with information on how grant funding of up to £10,000 for training will be paid.



Visit the CITB Apprenticeships  page for more information, or to register your vacancy.

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