Online SLE

The Skills Learning Exercise (SLE)
Now free to access 

The Skills Learning Exercise (SLE) -  now free to access

The SLE is now freely available to access as an online recruitment tool to support construction employers with their selection processes and help apprenticeship applicants to prepare for the SLE where it is adopted as part of a construction companies recruitment process.

The online SLE provides an assessment of an applicant's spatial and numeracy ability which assists with the selection process for a construction apprenticeship. 

The online SLE will provide the individual with their score details once it is completed and it can only be taken twice in any year.

In order to apply to CITB you must complete the application form found on bconstructive - the SLE is no longer taken as part of the CITB recruitment process.

It is also no longer a requirement for the SLE to be completed to access CITB Attendance Grants.

Applicants can revise for the SLE by using our practice test book - Practice SLE (639KB, PDF)

The test is available here:

In order for an individual to register to take the test they will need to enter this account code:


Individuals will need to register with an email address and their name.  We do request other non-mandatory information to be completed.

We suggest that the following browsers and settings are used when you take the SLE.

Devices - PC using the following Browsers - IE 9, 10 or 11 (using the latest version is recommended) Chrome and Firefox are also supported and Ipad using the Safari browser.

Screen Resolution- 1024 pixels high x 768 pixels wide as a minimum 

SLE Help

If you have any queries or need support please contact:

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