Bethany Welsh - Apprentice Civil Engineer 

Bethany Welsh is an apprentice civil engineer for Balfour Beatty. Working on projects such as RAF Lossiemouth, she decided to go into construction after completing a CITB careers test. 

Bethany Welsh Apprenticeship Story Video

"When I first thought of a career in construction I was probably only 12 or 13, at school I definitely preferred Maths over English... my careers advisor got me to do a test with CITB to check how far I could go in construction, whether i was basic level or technician level, and luckily I passed technician level which gave me a better chance of getting into construction. 

"I feel my apprenticeship has given me a starting point which will help me through my journey for a lifetime. It’s given me such confidence," 
Bethany Welsh 

"My original thoughts about Bethany were how well prepared she was, how motivated she was for a career in the industry, she had already done a lot of research herself, and talked to people in the industry and had a lot of energy when talked about roles she could do in the future,"
Karen Guthrie, Careers Advisor, Skills Development Scotland. 

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