Daniel Deavy - Apprentice Roofer 

Daniel Deavy is a third generation roofer and works for his family's company A. Menzies & Sons Ltd in Glasgow. He was named Adult Apprentice of the Year 2014. 

Daniel Deavy - Apprentice Roofer Video

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"If you work hard, you will get what’s coming to you… I now own my own house, my son has just turned a year, life really couldn’t be better right now.”
Daniel Deavy

“When he won the award it bought tears to my eyes, it just shows you what you can do if you do your apprenticeship and stick at things.”
Karen Smart, Daniel’s Mum 

"He’s done well, he’s served his apprentice and passed all his tests, so you can’t ask for any more than that.”
Andrew Menzies, Partner, A. Menzies & Sons Ltd 

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