Shaun Kennedy - Apprentice Joiner

Shaun Kennedy is an apprentice joiner at Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd in Glasgow. He won Apprentice Joiner of the Year award from North Glasgow College 3 years running and the prestigious James Birnie Craft Excellence Award.

Shaun Kennedy Apprentice Joiner Video

“I really enjoyed school and got good grades, the only way I was going to leave was if I got an apprenticeship and joined a trade. The opportunity came up, I went for an interview and I got offered it so I thought that’s it, I’m going to take on a trade,"
Shaun Kennedy

“One of the things that Sean demonstrated during his interview was that he was really driven and motivated and enthusiastic, he already had a paper round with four paper boys working for him and that showed somebody with a bit of entrepreneurial spirt and somebody that we wanted working for us.”
Marion Forbes, HR Director, Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd

“He’s definitely an advanced individual; he exceeds in his joinery and really wants to do the best he can”
Sean Kelly, Shaun’s Mentor, Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd. 

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