Sophie Turner - Apprentice Stonemason 

Sophie Turner gave up a potential career in the film industry to become apprentice stonemason at St Magnus Cathedral in Orkney. 

Sophie Turner - Apprentice Stonemason Video

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“I am so lucky I got my apprenticeship, because now I can settle here, work here and work in a fantastic place like this – which without the apprenticeship scheme I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

"The job is so rewarding because you can take a piece of stone and it is just a block and you make something out of it… you look at it at the end and think I did that"

Sophie Turner

"Sophie has proven that she is very capable, she has the right attitude, so it is a great opportunity if she sticks with it she will basically have a job for the rest of her life." 
Colin Watson, Stonemason, St. Magnus Cathedral

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