Constructing the Future

The SAS allows contractors to support and benefit from apprentices, and for apprentices to gain the qualifications and experience to work in the construction industry.

Constructing the Future (CtF) was established in August 2012 in partnership with Fusion21, who link spending programmes across numerous organisations, to facilitate the creation of training opportunities and sustainable jobs for local people. CtF is operational across Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and Greater Manchester.

“We got involved in the shared apprenticeship programme because of its flexibility. If we get a busy period we can take a trainee on, but we aren’t financially committed for the normal length of an apprenticeship which is about three years. This lack of risk means we’re more likely to employ more apprentices in the future.The scheme works for us as Building Skills do an assessment of  trainees before they start. They’re given a full induction and an apprenticeship tool kit which prepares them and makes sure they have the right attitude. This also frees up our time. We get invoiced for each apprentice by CtF rather than having to pay them through our payroll so we have less administration.”

 “We’re giving people a chance to get a position in the building industry when they might have otherwise struggled to find work.”

Gerard McEvoy, Director of Penny Lane Builders Ltd

Contact Details

For further information on CtF, please contact:

CITB SAS Co-Ordinator - Sharon Johnson

Mobile: 07747 766407

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