The SAS allows contractors to support and benefit from apprentices, and for apprentices to gain the qualifications and experience to work in the construction industry.

TrAC is an employer-led initiative that has been set up with the specific aim of helping employers who aren't able to provide the 2-3 years employment typically required to help an apprentice finish their training. It is a not for profit company that has financial support from around 30 Main Contractor partners, and 8 Local Authority partners across the South and South East. Their partners include East Sussex County Council, Essex CC, Norfolk CC, Suffolk CC, Kent CC, Build East Sussex, Build Essex and Build Norfolk.

TrAC is currently operational in the South and East of England (Essex, Norfolk, Kent, Suffolk, East Sussex).

 "The flexibility of the scheme, mixed with the opportunity it gives to young people finding their feet in a challenging industry is unique. As a company, some of our workload is comprised of short-term projects that don’t allow us to employ apprentices directly ourselves. Our involvement with TrAC enables us to continue our proud tradition of providing craftspeople with such training. The team at TrAC are clearly committed to providing their trainees with the best possible chances to create a long-term career for themselves. This commitment is proven in the high standard of apprentices that TrAC employs, and by the ongoing monitoring and support that TrAC provide throughout each apprenticeship."

Jonathan Brookes, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Lakehouse

Contact Details

For further information, please contact:

CITB SAS Co-Ordinator - Samantha Mclaughlin

Mobile: 07776 092946


Tel: 01263 735486



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