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At CITB, we understand the realities and challenges employers face across all areas of construction. We collaborate with the industry to make sure you can access the resources, support and training you need to help your business grow and thrive, today and in the future. 

Hear from our employer partners

 “Apprentices are really important to our business: they build up our workforce which means business is great.” 

CITB and East Midlands Diamond Drilling (EMDD)
Joe Armitage, Finance Manager, Nottingham

As someone who has a focus on the future success of his company, Joe recognises the importance of having professionally trained staff and apprentices working for your business. EMDD have sourced funding from CITB for various training courses and apprenticeships for their staff, managing to do so for the whole team at a neutral cost to the business. 

They are committed to training their employees; from running up to 5 apprenticeships at a time so that newer operatives are brought to the correct industry level, to training courses for existing staff. More experienced skilled workers have also been able to update their qualifications so that they are at a new legal NVQ level, meaning all their operatives are compliant and can work safely on site. 

Joe sees that by striving for continued training, they are not only ensuring the best future for their company, but will also improve the industry. In particular, he feels that investing in apprentices shows a commitment to their workers and also to the construction industry – promoting technical ability and safety awareness as a necessity. To him, CITB funding means that everything runs smoothly, everyone is trained to the correct level and is upskilled where necessary.

In working with CITB, EMDD has been able to:

  • Obtain training grants and funding
  • Train their apprentices with the correct skills
  • Upskill and maintain skills of staff
  • Update staff qualifications
  • Ensure exemplary site safety through training

“Taking on apprentices is the only way for us to grow effectively and gain trained members of staff.”

CITB and JD Ceramics Northwest Ltd
Emma Bowling, Administration and Finance Manager, Wigan

Emma’s business regularly takes on apprentices using services offered by CITB to ensure they are trained in the correct manner for them and take advantage of the funding available to be able to do so whilst keeping costs low. On top of this, Emma is also invested in the work CITB is doing for the wider industry to change young people’s misconceptions about what a career in construction involves. She recognise CITB can help change mindsets by engaging with children in school and ultimately safeguard the future of the industry by continuing to attract bright and driven talent.

As well as taking advantage of the current training and funding available, Emma is invested in the work CITB is doing for the wider industry to encourage young and driven people into construction as this improves recruitment and protects the standard of her business’ work in the future. In the past, her organisation wasn’t aware of the extra training and support CITB could offer until she began attending local CITB meeting, “and it was like a whole new world opened up because I thought, Oh my God, you do all these things that the guys could have been using”.

In working with CITB, JD Ceramics Northwest Ltd has been able to:

  • Take advantage of apprenticeship and training funding
  • Train their apprentices with the correct skills
  • Gain guidance and advice on apprenticeship
  • Upskill and maintaining skills
  • Map for future skill training
  • Improve business contact network

“If you’ve got the drive and ambition to build your company, then funding is the way forward to do it.”

CITB and CCI Scotland
Dougie Smith, General Manager, Lanark

CCI Scotland is an award winning social enterprise, providing landscape solutions for small and medium sized projects across Scotland.

One key factor of this business is that its operations entirely benefit its charitable arm, Clydesdale Community Initiatives (CCI).  CCI provides health benefits and increases social inclusion for people affected by mental health or learning difficulties and socially disadvantaged young people.

Through CITB funding, CCI Scotland has upskilled its staff and doubled its capacity for delivering projects. It has tendered and won significant contracts for various local authorities – which it couldn’t have done before the funding. Because of the increase in work and contracts, CCI Scotland has taken on apprentices within its Social Enterprise / Landscape Construction set up. 

CCI Scotland has also secured a 4-year framework agreement with Perth and Kinross Council and are delivering regular Scottish government contracts.

In working with CITB, CCI Scotland has been able to:

  • Take advantage of training funding
  • Upskill and maintain skills of staff
  • Ensure exemplary site safety through training

“Construction has too many stereotypes. People don’t see that it’s an amazing career with many opportunities.”

CITB and Costain
George Hilliar, Behavioural Management Advisor, London and the Thames Valley

In his role at Costain, George’s focus has been getting people into construction and organising the appropriate training to manage this effectively. He fully understands the importance of recruitment into the industry for it to continue to grow. 

George has been a Construction Ambassador for CITB since 2008, working with National Skills Academy for Construction and is an active STEM Ambassador. Recently he was involved in Crawley STEMfest - an event attended by over 7,000 young people with the aim to promote engineering within construction. He’s also a member of the National Construction Skills Academy Group, providing governance, advice and guidance for National Skills Academies for Construction.

CITB provided him with a course to prepare for presenting to schools as an ambassador, as well as giving Costain support with funding a Project Skills Coordinator, and the network to help maintain KPIs on a quarterly basis. Costain works regularly with contractors and use CITB training to ensure that it has additional support. 

In working with CITB, Costain has been able to:

  • Take advantage of apprenticeship and training funding
  • Help fund a Project Skills Coordinator
  • Provide a network to help maintain KPIs
  • Upskill and maintaining skills of staff

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