Ein gweledigaeth a strategaeth

Sylwer: Bydd CITB yn cyhoeddi strategaeth newydd yn fuan yn dilyn ymlaen o'r adolygiad ITB annibynnol ac ymgynghoriadau er mwyn cyrraedd consensws a gorchymyn Ardoll newydd ar gyfer 2018. Cyhoeddir fersiwn Gymraeg gyfan i ddisodli'r dudalen hon pan fydd CITB yn lansio ei strategaeth newydd.

Yn y cyfamser, gallwch ddysgu rhagor am weledigaeth CITB o sut y bydd yn newid i ddiwallu anghenion y diwydiant adeiladu yn CITB y Dyfodol: Gweledigaeth 2020.


CITB is the industry training board and a partner in the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry in England, Scotland and Wales. It's our job to work with industry to encourage training, which helps build a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce.

Our vision

For British construction to have a recognised, world-class, innovative approach to developing its workforce to deliver quality in the built environment.

Our strategy

The construction industry is facing its biggest challenge since the industrial revolution.

The UK infrastructure plan, a housing boom and the importance of developing new ways of working and embracing new technologies, are combining to create demand for more skills, new skills and higher level skills.

CITB is here to support the construction industry in navigating these challenges by:

  • understanding how future conditions could impact on its needs
  • helping industry to access the products and services it needs
  • providing the right financial support
  • creating the right environment for industry through influencing, facilitating and collaborating.

We have consulted and listened to industry to organise our activity to address their priorities.

These strategic priorities are:

  • Strategic leadership

    • Identifying current and emerging skills needs and providing intelligence on skills gaps to make sure communities deliver the skills that are needed, supported by CITB funding and investments.
  • Image and recruitment

    • To engage with education and improve the image and culture of construction and provide engaging and accessible information to those who want to join the industry.
  • Industry engagement

    • Listening to employers to shape the support that we can provide and delivering skills solutions to help build capability, and increase the competitive edge of businesses, both large and small.
  • Training and development

    • Using our industry intelligence to identify ways to increase work readiness and ensure that we have the right training provision and qualifications that professionalise the workforce and deliver the skills industry needs now, and in the future.
  • Charitable trading

    • Delivering a portfolio of products and services not provided by the market that meets industry’s skills needs.
  • Running the business

    • Transforming our operating model so that we’re more effective, accurately represent our industry and work smarter and faster to address industry change.

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