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Recent grant and card issues

CITB transferred the CPCS and CISRS card scheme to NOCN and CSCS card scheme back to CSCS in 2019. The bedding in of changes in back office operations led to some people experiencing delays in grant payments, renewal of cards and the availability of information on the Construction Training Register or Card Checker.

We are now seeing a return to normal service. There is still some work to do regarding the availability of data from the card schemes to the Construction Training Register and Card Checker systems, which we are working with NOCN and CSCS to resolve. However, alternatives are now in place to support you, which are detailed below.

Card issues

Are employees still having problems with renewing their cards?

There have been delays from the beginning of the year with the renewal of CSCS, CISRS and CPCS cards. Solutions are now in place by NOCN and CSCS to reduce these delays.

Queries relating to the card schemes, such as wanting to make a card application, progress an existing application, or obtain general info about the card scheme, should be directed to the card scheme owners:

CSCS cards:
Tel: 0344 994 4777

CPCS and CISRS cards:

Tel: 0844 815 7274

Why can’t employers check the validity of cards on the Construction Training Register?

Data should automatically upload onto the Construction Training Register from the CSCS and NOCN systems. Due to technical issues between the two systems there is a delay in getting CSCS, CPCS, CISRS card achievements onto the Construction Training Register.

We are working with CSCS and NOCN to resolve this, so that all this information can be found in one place on the Construction Training Register.

As an interim measures, those wanting to check their card situation can go to:

Be reassured that all existing achievements are still accessible and all outstanding achievements will be uploaded, with no achievements lost.

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