Information for young people

If you are thinking about being an apprentice and want to find out more about construction, you can sign up for work experience with CITB.

The CITB work experience scheme matches employers with local students, and supports them throughout with a dedicated Apprenticeship Officer.

Work experience gives you the chance to spend time on a live construction site and find out more about the careers available. As well as giving you a taster of how life would be as an apprentice, it gives you the opportunity to show your enthusiasm to potential employers and is a great addition to your CV.

Read Guy's story of how work experience helped his career

Why work experience matters?

Colleges and employers will be looking for work experience when they assess your application.

Work experience can help you to:

  • Find out what a particular career is like in the construction industry
  • Understand what working life is like
  • Find out about your existing skills and understand what your strengths are
  • Gain valuable new skills and experience   
  • Gain experience of working with a wide range of people from different backgrounds
  • Show people that you have really thought about your future in construction

To find out more about our Experience Construction Programme contact your local CITB Apprenticeship Officer. 

“Without the opportunity of the work experience I may not be in employment now”

I registered with CITB whilst I was still at school. When I left school I was given a list of local employers (from CITB) who would be willing to give me a work experience placement to try out construction. Me and another person were both interviewed and selected to go forward for a 2 week work experience placement with a local company. 

At the end of the placement the employer was impressed enough to offer me an apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery. It made me realise the importance of work experience, it was also a great way to find out whether I would enjoy doing that job and making a future career out of it.

Without the opportunity of the work experience I may not be in employment now

Guy Bonner (16)