Requirements and forms of agreement to be a CITB ATO

You will need to read the following requirements, and terms and conditions documents.

You will also need to complete the respective forms of agreement.

Requirements to become a CITB ATO

Requirements for CITB products

Note: applications to offer the Internet Test Centres (ITC) product are on hold, and the Be Fair Framework Centre product is not currently part of the CITB ATO programme.

Agreement forms for products

Note: Training providers joining CITB for the first time and who are planning to offer CITB products, you will need to complete both the overall CITB products form of agreement as well as the individual form of agreement for each CITB product that you will be offering.

Assured and Recognised products

The forms of agreement for these products are now incorporated into the Construction Training Directory (CTD).

Training providers who have submitted an application form and passed the due diligence stage of the ATO approval process will be able to access this in the CTD.

CITB products

You will need to complete the Form of agreement to offer CITB products, as well as the individual form(s) of agreement for each CITB product that you will be offering.

Courses and accompanying standards