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Am wybodaeth ynghylch sut yr ydym yn prynu gwasanaethau o'n cyflenwyr, gwelwch ein tudalen Caffael a Thendro.

Mae gwybodaeth ar dendrau a hysbysebwyd ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig. Croesawir ceisiadau gan ddarpar gyflenwyr a leolir yng Nghymru.

Gwahoddiad i Dendr




CITB tendering has moved to a fully electronic system through Delta E-Sourcing.  All our requirements will now be advertised through this new system, as well as Contracts Finder and OJEU (if relevant).

Please ensure you are registered with Delta E-sourcing to make certain you do not miss any potential opportunities that may be of interest to you.  If you are not already registered as a supplier, you can do this now at https://www.delta-esourcing.com/


Please note:  The two requirements noted below are still accessible through this website at this time 



Reference No: B17/02/1608 - Round 2

Education and Training Funding for Construction Industry Related Apprenticeship Provision For England

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) intends to let a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the provision of Construction Industry related Apprenticeships. Round 2 of the DPS is now open. The services are further described in the documents available from the links below.

Invitation to Tender Requirements and Information (Round 2) (74kb)

Instructions for the completion of the DPS documentation (Round 2) (72kb)

Potential providers can express an interest for this procurement by sending an email to English.Tender@citb.co.uk upon which the questionnaire will be sent out for completion.

Potential Providers should ensure that they are referring to the documentation labelled ‘Round 2’ and completing the updated Supplier Questionnaire (also labelled ‘Round 2’). Please do not use the documentation from the previous round.

Tender deadline:

  • For this round of submissions the deadline is 12 noon on 4th August 2017 (PLEASE NOTE NEW DEADLINE)  
  • The DPS will remain open until 31st July 2021, therefore any submissions received after the initial closing date will be evaluated in the next round.




Publication of the OJEU Contract Notice

Thursday 13th April 2017


(If you would like to attend a webinar, please email English.Tender@citb.co.uk  and further details will be sent on how to join. Please note each webinar will be identical in content)

Friday 14th July - 12 noon

Thursday 20th July - 2pm 

Deadline for initial receipt of Clarification Requests

Friday 21st July 12 noon

Initial Indicative Tender Submission Deadline NEW DEADLINE

Friday 4th August 12 noon

Start of Indicative Tender Evaluation Period

Monday 7th August

The period allowed between submission of an Indicative Tender (bid) and issue by CITB of confirmation of Acceptance/Rejection to the DPS

15 (Calendar) Days

Call Off of Contracts

1st August 2017 until 31st July 2021

 If there are any queries in the meantime please send these to English.Tender@citb.co.uk

Clarifications uploaded here - 21 July 2017  (84Kb)

WEBINAR Slideshow is available to download here (344 kb)



Reference No: B15/1424/07

 Contract Trainers, Assessors & Training Course Evaluators (DPS) ITT (441Kb)

CITB wishes to procure a framework of Trainers, Assessors and Training Course Evaluators using the Dynamic Purchasing System.  This framework will remain open.


Before completing the tender documentation please complete the online IR 35 checker https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/check-employment-status-for-tax/setup. This will enable CITB to ascertain our obligations under the new IR35 regulations. Once completed, please forward CITB the results alongside your tender documents.

Further information can be found here:- https://www.gov.uk/guidance/ir35-find-out-if-it-applies


Pricing Matrix

Clarification questions uploaded here - 2/9/15

Framework Terms and Conditions available here

** NEW Requirement - Examination Invigilators - added 18/8/2016

**NEW Requirement - ILM Delivery and Assessment - Updated 18/11/16**

** NEW Requirement - Leadership, Management & Innovation  - Strategy Course - added 4/07/2015**