Be Fair Resources

A number of resources are available for download to assist you in working towards Be Fair Accreditation. 

Download the entire Be Fair Resources package:

Entire Package - Everything listed in one package


Module 1: Commitment
Module 2: Policies and Procedures
Module 3: Employment
Module 4: Site Environment
Module 5: Supply Chain


T1 - Monitoring Form
T2 - Be Fair Representative Agreement
T3 - Be Fair Agreement
T4 - (Director) Sub-Contractor Letter
T5 - Three Strike Policy
T6 - Sub-Contractor Supply Chain Obligations
T7 - Be Fair Meeting Agenda Template
T8 - Manager Sign-up
T9 - Induction Template
T10 - Site Facilities Check Sheet - Examples
T11 - Be Fair Sub-Contactor Final Evaluation
T12 - Job Description Template
T13 - Person Specification Template
T14 - Job Advertisement Template
T15 - CV Assessment Template
T16 - Interview Assessment Template
T17 - Internal Memo Template
T18 - Workplace Health Form
T19 - Individual Training and Development Plan
T20 - Employee Performance Review
T21 - Exit Interview Template
T22 - Interview Feedback Template
T23 - Client Letter
T24 - Partner Letter
T25 - Company Director and CEO Sign-up Letter
T26 - Site Mileage Form
T27 - Site Hours Form
T28 - Clauses
T29 - FIR Guiding Princliples

Policies and Procedures

P1 - Adoption Policy
P2 - Bullying and Harassment Policy
P3 - Capability Procedure
P4 - Career Break Policy
P5 - Disciplinary Procedure
P6 - Equal Opportunities Procedure
P7 - Flexible Working Policy
P8 - Grievance Policy - Medium to Large Firms
P9 - Grievance Policy - Small Firms
P10 - Homeworking Policy
P11 - Maternity Policy
P12 - Parental Leave Policy
P13 - Paternity Policy
P14 - Recruitment and Progression Policy Guidance
P15 - Redundancy Policy
P16 - Retirement Policy
P17 - Sickness Absence Policy
P18 - Time-off for Dependents
P19 - Welsh Language Policy
P20 - Whistleblowing Policy


Poster1 - Fairness, inclusion and respect at work
Poster2 - Know your health and safety rights
Poster3 - We can support you at work
Poster4 - Do you understand the barriers and pressures of working onsite?
Poster5 - A positive approach can make all the difference
Poster6 - Fainess, inclusion and respect for all
Poster7 - Be Fair Accreditation. We're making it happen.
Poster8 - Be Fair representitives wanted 


Leaflet1 - Be Fair - English
Leaflet1 - Be Fair - Welsh

Toolbox Talks

TBT1 - Acceptable Language
TBT2 - Health, Work and Wellbeing
TBT3 - Respect
TBT4 - Your Responsibilities
TBT5 - Welfare 

TBTa - Supporting Information
TBTb - Toolbox Talk Attendance Form
TBTc - Certificate Template 

Download the entire Be Fair Resources package:

Entire Package - Everything listed in one package

Help and assistance

Contact us to find out more about the Be Fair Framework or to request asssitance in working towards Accreditation:

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