Highwire Limited

highwireConstruction Safety Services

Location: Stockport

Financial Director & Head Engineer Lizzie Rickard


Highwire provides permanent safe access at height. The company has been trading for 17 years and is a member of The British Safety Industry Federation height safety group that works to raise industry standards.

  • Why did you want to be part of the Be Fair framework?

I first heard about the Be Fair framework through Chrissi McCarthy at Constructing Equality. I wanted the organisation to reach a high standard of fairness, inclusion and respect. We found working with the framework a great deal simpler and easier than we had at first envisaged. It is well tailored to suit all sizes of company.

  • What benefits has the Be Fair framework brought?

The best value is what we learned by going through the framework. It has provided us with systems to cover all eventualities like legal compliance. I feel these are much tighter and clearer than they would have been without the framework.

The tool-box talks really got the staff talking and understanding each other’s jobs and perspectives and how they felt about things. This is great for the team and helps us to spot small things before they become big, reducing our exposure to staff disputes.

Accreditation is good for our reputation. We carry out a lot of work for government organisations direct, most recently working on the Town Hall and Library restoration for Manchester City Council, and now we have a construction specific framework to meet their requirements.

  • Would you recommend the Be Fair framework?

I would recommend the framework to any company big or small. It provides protection for the rights of the company, as well as its staff. I feel much happier now we have excellent policies in place, our team functions better and it is easier for us to recruit.

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