Holloway Cook Associates

hca.team.awardIndustrial & Commercial Roofing

Location: Liverpool

Office Manager Debbie Kehoe


Holloway Cook Associates are commercial and industrial roofing contractors providing a high quality, comprehensive range of weatherproofing contracting and consultancy services.

  • Why did you want to be part of the Be Fair framework?

We think it’s really good for our people. Our employees see that they work in an organisation that values diversity, where people can be recognised for their talents and where there are no barriers to progress.

Our people were very involved as they were an integral part of the accreditation. This is not just a tick box exercise; they could properly express their views.

  • Would you recommend the Be Fair framework to others?

We make a point of highlighting our accreditation to other organisations and down the supply chain. Spreading the word that this is a new accreditation, promoting something to which we should all be aspiring.

I’d encourage others to go for this accreditation because, although it does take some time, it is not a massive exercise. Like us, I’m sure that others will find that they already have a lot of this in place.

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