Macform Ltd


Construction Services

Location: Carluke

Health & Safety Advisor Lynsey Downie


As a small construction firm in South Lanarkshire, MacForm undertakes commercial and domestic contracts including building, maintaining and improving church buildings, as well as restoration work.

  • Why did you you want to be part of the Be Fair framework?

We applied for the pilot after Peter Campbell, CITB Company Development Advisor, brought it to our attention as we considered ourselves a fair, decent and approachable employer.

I believe that this proves to current employees and prospective future employees that we are an organisation which genuinely cares about and takes an interest in the wellbeing of our staff, above and beyond any statutory limits.

Staff are now aware that they are an integral part of the business and their views and opinions really do matter. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

  • What do you think are the commercial benefits of the framework?

The commercial benefits are not able to be quantified as the scheme is in its infancy but when the framework is wider known, I’d hope that we will be recognised by clients as a contractor of choice based on our commitment to Fairness, Inclusion and Respect within the Built Environment.and that we are an organisation which genuinely cares about the wellbeing of our staff.

  • Is it a big commitment?

Don’t underestimate the amount of work and time that should be allocated and dedicated to this. Ensure you are clear on all points and always seek advice on any points requiring clarification. With a bit of hard work and understanding this is entirely achievable in-house so do not feel you have to be pressured into spending thousands of pounds in consultancy fees.

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