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Resource Manager Claire Moffatt-Lonsdale


The company provides commercial roofing services to significant private and public sector organisations in the North West and nationwide

  • Why did you want to be part of the Be Fair framework?

No matter how large or small, Be Fair builds and strengthens the culture of your organisation. It sends a message that we publically recognise diversity in the workplace.

Working on the framework was relatively seamless, at MAC, we are used to this level of robust assessment.

  • What benefits will the Be Fair framework bring?

I believe that achieving the standard will mean that we are considered over and above other contractors during the tendering process; sending a message that we are fair in our negotiations with sub-contractors and suppliers.

We were involved alongside other major contractors and our clients, and have recently been involved in the new Women in Roofing Management group in spreading the word.

Our management team embraced the scheme and although there were some challenges in the dissemination through sub-contractors and suppliers, I found that we could iron those out in one-to-one meetings with them to showcase the benefits for us all.

  • Would you recommend the Be Fair framework to others?

Go for it! This is a standard that is over and above the delivery of quality workmanship, it demonstrates the culture of our people.

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