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Location: London

Manager Jean Duprez


K&M McLoughlin are a decorating company with a philosophy of training for the future with the majority of senior managers having started as apprentices.

  • How did you become part of the Be Fair framework?

Working on several projects on the Olympic build was really our first introduction to Equality & Diversity. Clients had requested policy documents previously but now, for the first time, we were asked ‘How we implemented them in the company?’ and we were asked this by several different main contractors.

  • Why did you want to be part of the Be Fair framework?

We were amazed at the amount of areas within the company that we could improve on and our communications throughout the company has resulted in a much clearer and transparent way of working. Using the Gateway to Online Learning and Development portal was easy as was the module set-up, where you only use the one that is relevant for your size of operation. The templates, too, were extremely professional and attractive.

We had nothing in place to ensure subcontractors’ practices aligned to K&M McLoughlin’s own aims for a client.

The section that dealt with this was very valuable and again has improved and strengthened our supply chain relationships.

  • What benefits do you think the Be Fair framework will bring in the future?

It's too early to show benefits in regard to being recognised and securing more contracts. However, I do believe that through our advertising on social media, staff newsletters and client notifications that we have raised the awareness of the brand in conjunction with professionalism. As the industry starts to further promote and recognise the value of good business practices, including corporate social responsibility, then this in turn will bring about a return on investment from those companies that do invest in their workforces and their welfare.

Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend Be Fair to other construction companies. The range and ease of this bespoke framework and the support received make this a must-do accreditation.

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