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Whilst other Equality and Diversity standards are available, the Be Fair framework better reflects the complexities of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) in the construction industry, i.e. the mobile workforce, the subcontracting practices and the split working environments, both on site and in the office. 

The Be Fair framework includes “industry specific” content in the form of core modules designed to feature criteria reflecting all of the protected characteristics within the Equality Act 2010, as well as the challenges and needs unique to the construction and built environment. 

The modules include criteria around leadership, recruitment, management, monitoring, training and procurement. 

The modules are intended to be taken up by different members of the organisation depending on the content of the module and the role of the individual in the company. 

In some cases, more than one individual may be leading on a module over a number of sites. This approach facilitates embedding equality throughout the organisation, particularly at site level.

We provide a number of templates, policies and procedures to assist you in working through the modules. You'll find these in the Resources section. Feel free to use your own documents or amend ours as required.

Module 1: Commitment

This module looks at how an organisation engages with its customers and community. 

The focus is on leadership and incorporates budget, strategy and governance in its content. It may also require an organisation to communicate its commitment to FIR to its clients and through opportunities arising out of various networking activities. 

It encourages being able to plan strategically in order to meet FIR requirements, demonstrate leadership and use influence to further the FIR agenda.

Module 2: Policies and Procedures

This module clearly outlines the requirements for an organisation to comply with the protected characteristics covered in the Equality Act 2010 and ensures the relevant policies and procedures are in place to facilitate these requirements. 

It is predominantly paper-based with the aim of making sure the organisation has the correct foundation in place to enable behavioural change to take place.

The module also encourages the organisation to extend its influence in FIR related matters through its public relations and web activities.

Module 3: Employment

This module focuses on the organisation’s approach to employment practices and the monitoring of those practices. It is concerned with how staff are managed and strategically considered in the workplace. 

The organisation may decide to act upon the results of the monitoring exercise, especially if they are seeking Accreditation.

A key element of this module is that the organisation maintains fair, inclusive and respectful treatment of its workforce and demonstrates this through its recruitment practices as well.

Module 4: Site Environment

This module looks at embedding the principles of fairness, inclusion and respect into current site practices. 

This module is important for the framework because the site environment is where practices are implemented and behaviours can be observed. 

This is where the organisation can see the impact and results of the FIR measures it has put into place.

Module 5: Supply Chain*

It is important to understand the role of the supply chain in an organisation’s commitment to FIR and this module looks at how FIR is driven down the supply chain. 

The emphasis is on working with and protecting the supply chain rather than passing on the risk.  If change is going to occur within the industry, the supply chain must be brought on board.

This module provides the organisation with the means to monitor and influence interactions with their supply chain around FIR and ensure compliance during the procurement process.

* The Supply Chain module is only relevant where an organisation actually engages with some form of Supply Chain.

Help and assistance

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