On-Site Assessment and Training (OSAT)

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Training and development

Sectors and roles, Small employer support

Finishes and Interiors Sector


Great Britain




This project will reduce the skills gap and increase training expenditure by delivering a programme of enhancements to SME employers in the finishes and interiors sector to achieve L2 NVQs in appropriate occupation.

The benefits will primarily enhance collaborative working and increase value added per employee.

• Qualify 200 operatives to NVQ level 2 and associated CSCS card via OSAT • These operatives will be selected from In-scope, Finishes and Interiors sector contracting SME companies

01 Feb 2016

31 Dec 2016

End of project summary

Of the 160 people who started, 136 completed their Level 2 NVQ, with some still in progress by the time the project funding came to an end.

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