General Construction

National Construction College courses simulate real-life situations and give candidates best practice knowledge that they can apply on site.

Our outdoors training facilities include special areas for drainage, paving, kerb-laying, excavation support, piling, concrete practice and street works.

The college also has indoor facilities for bar bending, steel fixing and framework, as well as underground facilities for confined spaces training.


The National Construction College is committed to providing the highest standards of training for apprentices.

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General Construction

Our General Construction courses provide for the wide set of skills needed within the construction industry today.

These courses cover a range of subjects from the correct use of tools and equipment through to more advanced in topics such as excavations.

  • Abrasive Wheels (Portable)
  • Abrasive Wheels (Fixed and Portable)
  • New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) courses
  • Safe Entry Into Confined Spaces
  • CPA Uses of Proprietary Shoring Equipment
  • Safe Support of Trenches and Shafts
  • Back to Employment Funded full time courses


Today’s utilities market demands skilled and efficient workers.  Our trainers have designed courses using their extensive experience in this line of work to provide candidates with the right skills, best practices and safety awareness needed in today’s demanding sector.

  • Excavation support courses CPA and SS to T and S’s
  • NRSWA courses (Operative and Supervisor)
  • Multi-phase traffic signaling
  • Poly-fusion pipe jointing / laying
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Cable/Services Avoidance
  • Safe Entry Into Confined Spaces
  • Apprenticeships (Network Construction Operations)

Technical Courses

Our technical courses are designed with the professional construction worker in mind.

They cover a broad set of subjects, from giving experience to new entrant graduates, extensive leveling and setting out courses through to concrete for supervisors.

  • Supervisors and Engineers Concrete Appreciation
  • Construction Graduates Trade Awareness
  • The Role and Responsibilities of the Temporary Works Coordinator
  • The Role and Responsibilities of the Temporary Works Supervisor
  • Concrete Technology Certificate
  • Levelling in Construction
  • Introduction to Setting Out
  • Intermediate Surveying and Setting Out
  • Advanced Surveying and Setting Out
  • Introduction to Setting Out with GPS

Green Deal

With such a high priority placed on lowering the nation’s carbon usage, the National Construction College has dedicated Green Deal training facilities at our sites across the UK. 

Our trainers have multi-manufacturer experience and are best placed to train operatives on a variety of solid wall insulation and solar panel installation methods.

  • Info on Green Deal and funding 
  • Solar Panel installation
  • Solid Wall Insulation Apprenticeships


With strong roots in supporting the country’s major construction projects, the National Construction College offers a set of bespoke courses for companies and operatives seeking to reach the demanding high standards for working in the nuclear construction industry.

The following courses are currently under development:

  • Concrete Testing for Nuclear
  • Steelfixing for Nuclear
  • Advanced Formworking Skills
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