Your industry, your say: Consensus results

Following the biggest consultation period in CITB's history, we are able to confirm the results of Consensus. 

IFF Research LTD surveyed 4,000 employers that were liable to pay levy, and were not represented by a Consensus Federation. Employers were asked to provide a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to the questions asked but if they were unsure, their answer was recorded as ‘Don’t know’. This is represented in the results above/below.

Based on the sample size and responses received, the results are accurate to a confidence level of 99%, with a confidence interval of +/-1.8%.

Overall result: In total, 4000 employees were independently surveyed. 76.9% agreed while 23.1% disagreed

Results breakdown

Breakdown of results by employer size: Micro - 71.6% agree, 22.5% disagree, 5.8% undecided; Small - 75.9% agree, 16.8% disagree, 7.3% undecided; Medium/large - 74.2% agree, 12.9% disagree, 12.9% undecided

Breakdown of results by nation: England - 71.2% agree, 22% disagree, 6.8% undecided; Scotland - 79.1% agree, 15.1% disagree, 5.8% undecided; Wales - 79.2% agree, 16.3% disagree, 4.5% undecided

Breakdown of results by consensus federation: 71.4% agree and 28.6% disagree

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