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Bovey Construction sees improvements from funded training

“Training raised skills and provided immediate improvements.” Bovey Construction had ambitions to run a lean, efficient business.

Based in Devon, Bovey specialises in complex high-quality projects and employs over 30 skilled construction professionals. It wanted to increase profitability by planning better, reducing waste and defects.

Bovey received £3,857 from CITB to train staff on these challenges by attending a mix of classroom and site-based modules - including “Data & Visual Management Systems” and “Problem Solving & Continuous Improvement” - staff at Bovey made fast improvements in each area.

“Training raised the skills of our site-based and office staff and provided immediate improvements to targeted areas,” says Emma Hudson, Office Manager.

“Training also led to better relationships with sub-contractors; improved staff morale and increased staff creativity and interaction.”


Emma says CITB-funded training “greatly enhanced” Bovey’s awareness of lean construction. The principle of lean construction is to scrutinise existing work processes and remove the waste that prevents value being effectively delivered.

Emma says: “We were very keen for the principles of lean construction to benefit our company, working environment and personal development.

“Training gave a comprehensive understanding and practical illustration of the methods and benefits of lean in a short timescale.”

Since CITB funded the training, Bovey has undertaken a programme of development for continual improvement which is embedded in the company’s working culture.

Emma says: “New employees will be introduced to a company culture which they can embrace and accept as the norm - efficient and economical procedures of working.”


Emma says applying for CITB funding was an easy process, an experience which turned out to be valuable for Bovey, one which has led to sustained training benefits for the company’s staff.

She said: “Applying for funding was very straightforward and support was always available from CITB if needed.

“We wanted training which would promote efficiency, skills and ownership of delegated works.

“CITB funding allowed us to get this training in place quickly.”

Visit Bovey Construction's website for more information on how the company has benefitted from CITB funding.


Company: Bovey Construction

Sector: New builds, refurbishment, historic

Location: Devon

Challenge: Identify the most inefficient areas of the business via a Construction Lean Improvement Programme.

Fund type:  CITB’s Flexible Fund – Skills and Training Option

Amount: £3,857

Impact: Funding for training has:

  • raised the skills of Bovey’s site-based and office staff
  • provided immediate improvements to targeted areas
  • given a comprehensive understanding and practical illustration of the methods and benefits of lean construction in a short timescale
  • enabled Bovey to gain the benefit of lessons learnt from their peers
  • led to a programme of development for continual improvement embedded within the organisation’s culture.

“CITB-funded training ‘greatly enhanced’ Bovey’s awareness of lean construction.”

Emma Hudson, Office Manager at Bovey Construction