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Maple Aion wins funding to develop skills for a major project

When the construction and civil engineering firm Maple Aion Ltd won a big contract to maintain steam pipes on a 180-acre site, it looked for ways to develop staff skills for the project.

Identifying training needs

The contract required specialist skills in maintaining pipe work and fittings.

Seeing there was a skills gap, Maple Aion’s Mechanical Engineer Dave Pearce identified the City and Guilds course in steam plant maintenance -  specialist course leading to an industry-recognised qualification.

Karen Whitehouse, Office Manager, started to explore funding opportunities for the training. She says: “I received an e-mail from CITB’s Emily Tilling about the options available in their Flexible Funding window.”

Securing funding

Emily’s e-mail was perfectly timed and Karen submitted an application for half of the £5,000 available through this funding route.

“Having worked on a few tenders, I didn’t find the application process too difficult or time-consuming. The guidance was quick and easy to follow”, says Karen.

Karen’s application was successful and she secured the funding, which arrived well ahead of the course date.

Making an impact

After successfully completing the training course, Dave gained a City and Guilds Steam Plant Maintenance module 13 qualification that he needed to work on the site.

Karen says Maple Aion Ltd will seek more CITB funding in the future. “The funding stream works very well to support the training requirements we have outside the more traditional trades.”


Company: Maple Aion Ltd
Sector: Construction and Civil Engineering
Location: Worcestershire

Challenge: Develop staff skills for a major contract to maintain steam pipes and fittings

Solution: £2,500 funding from CITB’s flexible fund


  • Staff gained the specialist qualification needed to successfully work on the project.
  • Reinforced their value and partnerships positon with clients.