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McCarrick Construction - "CITB funding saved us money and improved skills"

CITB funding has led to a trio of benefits for McCarrick Construction.

The simple process of applying for approximately £900 to upskill their plumber, Alan Welsh:

  • will save the company £500 a year;
  • ensures McCarrick Construction has an even wider range of expertise to offer its clients;
  • has led to the company training an apprentice who is now learning new skills from Alan.

“We learnt about CITB funding at a construction event in Gateshead,” says Matthew McCarrick, Director of the Chester le Street business which is now in its 63rd year.

“I was talking to CITB’s Mark David about ways of encouraging young people into construction when he asked if I was aware of CITB funding.  The opportunities Mark mentioned sounded promising, I thought they would sit well in our long-term development plan, so I applied for funding to upskill Alan.”

The prime aim of funding, a process Matthew says was quick and straightforward, was to enable the firm to carry out gas installations for their housing projects rather than continually outsourcing this type of work.

Matthew says funding will also save McCarrick Construction an estimated £500 a year and enable the firm, which employs 31 people, to offer an enhanced service to existing and future clients.

“Alan is certified ‘gas safe’ now,” says Matthew. “He now has an apprentice from New College in Durham working with him which will help ensure continuity and consistency of skills for our long-term plan.

“Alan is in his late 50s, the apprentice is in his 20s, so in one way CITB funding has provided an altruistic way of transferring skills down the line.”


Company: Maple Aion Ltd
Sector: Construction and Civil Engineering
Location: Worcestershire

Challenge: Develop staff skills for a major contract to maintain steam pipes and fittings

Solution: £2,500 funding from CITB’s flexible fund


  • Staff gained the specialist qualification needed to successfully work on the project.
  • Reinforced their value and partnerships positon with clients.