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Precision Geomatics Limited: “CITB funding brought a lot of positives”

Precision Geomatics sought CITB funding to boost their growth aspirations

Since 2004 the company, which specialises in supplying Land Survey and Safety equipment, have expanded rapidly with staff size tripling from 14 to over 40 employees.

With more growth expected Precision Geomatics decided to promote their business more effectively to new and existing clients by applying  to CITB’s Skills and Training Flexible Fund for £5K of funding to help upskill sales and marketing teams. As Precision Geomatics’ Managing Director Carole Bookless explains, funding had a substantial impact on the company.

Quality training

“Funding brought a lot of positives,” says Carole.

“It enabled us to train nine staff on how to create and implement a skills and marketing strategy and look at how we present our tenders. It helped ensure we have a clear strategy in the medium to long-term.

“Since funding we have standard templates across the business,” she adds. “This helps us when we bring people into the team and provides clarity for our strategy.

“We’ve also held events which have brought us closer to clients. Soon we’ll be rebranding our organisation and launching an e-commerce website, too.

“Funding has enabled these positives. Without the Skills and Training fund we wouldn’t have been able to afford the quality training we bought from a local company in the North East (Company Shortcuts).”

Positive feedback

Carole says staff enjoyed the training sessions Company Shortcuts provided. 

Feedback included: “The training was relevant to our objectives. It was knowledgeable, interactive and personalised. Everyone chipped in. I enjoyed listening to example calls/e-mails.”

Another staff member wrote: “Role play was useful; all of it was beneficial to my role.”

Easy application process

Carole says applying for funding was a straightforward process and that Precision Geomatics will be applying for more funding in the future.

“I’m not a lover of application forms,” she says “but the online process was quick, easy and to the point, and has made a lasting impact on the way we do business.”

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Company: Precision Geomatics Limited
Sector: Construction/Civil Engineering
Location: Sunderland and East Kilbride

Challenge: To boost growth aspirations by upskilling sales and marketing staff

Solution: £5K CITB funding 


  • Nine staff trained to create a skills and marketing strategy and improved tenders.
  • Events have been held to improve client contact, staff confidence has improved. 
  • Precision has a clear sales and marketing strategy and is well-placed for imminent rebranding, growth and the launch of an e-commerce website.