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“Since training, work is much faster”

CITB-funded training can inspire and refresh workers of all ages in a business, just ask M.B. Roche & Sons Ltd.

In July 2016 the Hull-based company was awarded £5,000, from CITB’s Skills and Training Fund, to train ten employees in Streetworks Qualifications.

Company Director Daniel Roche says the decision to upskill reaped multiple benefits.

“Since training staff their work is much faster and has no defects,” he says.

“Training was great for the young lads, enabling them to get things right from day one.

“It was also a very good refresher for our older workers who’ve been doing streetworks for years.”


Daniel says the vast majority of Roche’s staff are not academic so training, then receiving a certificate for their efforts, boosted their confidence. “It’s been great for morale,” he says. 

Commenting on how the Streetworks training boosted his work, Dave, one of Roche’s Streetworks Operatives, said: “Completing the qualification gave me a formal qualification for what I’ve been doing in my day-to-day role.

“The traffic management section showed me what signs I need but, more importantly, what order to put them out and then take them down to keep me safe.

“It was great to get a feel for the theory too. It helped me understand why we put different layers of construction on the roads.”


Daniel says training has made the family-run company more competitive particularly for upcoming council work. 

“Upskilling means we are able to access tendering processes which companies with lesser qualified operatives can’t,” he says.

“We are currently tendering for the YORcivil2 Framework, council work which is awarded through a mixture of price and quality score. We hope our new levels of training will give us a higher quality score, increasing our chances of winning contracts.”


The training M.B.Roche and Sons Ltd introduced means their workforce has become more productive and efficient. Daniel says current employee satisfaction is at 78% while client satisfaction is at 93%. 

“A fully-trained workforce is more engaged, efficient and productive and makes sound business sense,” says Daniel. “It also sends out a positive message, not only to employees but to customers, clients and our wider community.”

Daniel is keen to continue training staff and give opportunities to those willing to enter the construction sector.

“A lot of older construction workers are retiring and taking with them years of invaluable skill and experience,” he says.

“Unfortunately there is a lack of young people coming into the industry to sustain it. Our aim is to make a difference among a ‘lost generation’ of young people who are not in employment or training.

“We aim to become an industry leader in the region for civil engineering training.”


Company: M. B. Roche & Sons Ltd.
Sector: Civil engineering
Location: Hull

Challenge: To upskill ten employees enabling them to gain their Operatives Streetworks Qualifications Register Card


  • 10 operatives trained
  • Standard and pace of work has improved
  • Staff morale, confidence and understanding of their work has been boosted