Apprenticeship grants for intermediate, advanced and higher level Frameworks

We pay grants for attendance and achievements on approved intermediate, advanced and higher Apprenticeship Frameworks in England where an apprentice started prior to 1 August 2020.

This grant for intermediate, advanced and higher level Apprenticeships covers:

  • Off-the-job attendance with an approved Apprenticeship provider
  • Achievement of an Apprenticeship framework.


You can apply for grants for directly employed individuals only on approved Apprenticeships for: 

Intermediate and advanced Apprenticeships

Higher Apprenticeships

The design of English Apprenticeship frameworks are governed by the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) and must be delivered in accordance with the current Apprenticeship Funding Rules.

You can apply if you’re levy-registered with CITB and up to date with your levy returns. You also need to meet our general Grants Scheme terms and conditions.

CITB Apprenticeships (Level 2 & 3 only)

If we are your Apprenticeship provider, your dedicated Apprenticeship Officer will help you complete your application paperwork correctly. As long as we receive the correct paperwork within 20 weeks of the start of the Apprenticeship, we will begin making your grant payments, backdated to this start date.

Your attendance grant will be paid automatically every 13 weeks.

Other Apprenticeship providers

If we are not your Apprenticeship provider, you’ll need to complete an application form.

If you employ apprentices who start training after 1 April 2020, download and save the  Apprenticeship grant application form (Excel 191KB) and ensure you complete all sections. This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology.

Please note: Use Chrome or Firefox to download the form. We recommend that you do not use Internet Explorer as you may have problems downloading this.

You must provide supporting evidence from your college or training provider with your application. The evidence must show:

  • The full title of the Apprenticeship framework
  • The name of the apprentice
  • The college start date.

Acceptable supporting evidence can be in the form of:

  • an Apprenticeship agreement from the college or training provider or
  • all the required information from the college on headed paper or included in an email from the college or training provider (an email address ending or
  • a government DAS report.

Evidence directly from an employer, certificates or unit credit reports are not acceptable evidence.

Send your complete application form and supporting evidence to

As long as we receive the correct paperwork within 20 weeks of the start of the Apprenticeship, we will begin making your grant payments, backdated to this start date.

We will send you an application form every 13 weeks to confirm that your apprentice is still in training and employment. You must make the confirmation within 3 months of the application form issue date to continue to receive payments.

If your apprentice leaves your employment but has not achieved, we will pay attendance grant up to the date your apprentice left.

Late submissions

If you don't submit your paperwork within 20 weeks of the start date of the Apprenticeship, we won't backdate payments to the start date of the Apprenticeship. We only make attendance grant payments backdated to the date on which we receive your paperwork.

Achievement grants

You should receive an application form for achievement grants, which are available when your apprentice successfully completes an intermediate, advanced or higher Apprenticeship framework.

You should confirm the application within 3 months of its issue to receive the achievement grant.

If you don’t receive an application form within 1 month of the achievement date, complete the correct form below.

On completion of your apprentice’s Framework, we will pay attendance grant up to your apprentice’s last date of learning.

Grant rates depend on the Apprenticeship type and the duration of the course.

Rates are fixed for the duration of the Apprenticeship as given in the Grants Scheme year the Apprenticeship starts, even if they change in later Grants Scheme years, or if the apprentice changes employer.

Apprenticeships may vary in length, so attendance grants are prorated based on their duration.

From 1 April 2020 new apprentices at all levels will be entitled to the grant rates detailed below:



1st year of attendance


2nd year of attendance


3rd year of attendance


Further years of attendance (higher Apprenticeships only)


Achievement of all levels of Apprenticeship framework


You can apply for a £3,500 achievement grant on successful completion of the qualification

See this link for the Apprenticeships this grant will support.

If you do not see an Apprenticeship in the current list of those eligible for grant, you can complete an online form to suggest it for consideration.

We will continue to make payments at the appropriate rate for the remainder of the programme for apprentices who started their Intermediate or Advanced Apprenticeship before the start of the 2019/2020 Grants Scheme year (1 April 2019).



1st year of attendance


2nd year of attendance


3rd year of attendance


Employers who qualified for supplementary grant prior to April 2018, this will be added to the attendance payments only, for apprentices who started before 1 April 2018.

You can apply for a £3,500 achievement grant on successful completion of the qualification.

The rate before 1 April 2019 for each year of attendance on a higher Apprenticeship is £1,125

The rate for all apprentices who have achieved a higher apprentice framework achievement before 1 April 2019 is £3,125

The new achievement grant of £3,500 will be paid to all apprentices who have achieved their Aprenticeships after 1 April 2020, even if they started before 1 April 2020.

Payment rules for Level 2 and 3 Apprenticeships

Apprentices who have registered for and completed a Level 2 Apprenticeship framework may progress to Level 3. In such cases, you may apply separately for the third year attendance (£2,500) and the advanced framework achievement (£3,500) for a total of £6,000.

Approved Apprenticeship providers

You must use an approved Apprenticeship provider that:

Payment of grants

You will be eligible for attendance grants once your apprentice has completed 13 weeks of continuous contracted employment.

For information on how we pay Apprenticeship grants, please refer to How to apply to claim a grant above.

Change of employers

If an apprentice changes employer during their Apprenticeship, attendance and achievement grants will be paid pro-rata according to the proportion of the total training package completed with each employer.

Other grants

  • While you receive an Apprenticeship grant you can’t apply for any other grants for the same apprentice, except for new apprentice support grants, short course achievements and plant qualifications which are necessary, appropriate and not included within the Apprenticeship.
  • You must meet the cost of other additional training.