Onsite experience opportunities in construction - Wales

November 2019

We have invited bids for projects to create flexible onsite learning hubs which will increase the talent pool for job-ready construction workers in North and South West Wales.

These hubs will offer more people the chance to gain relevant industry experience while staying flexible to keep in step with construction project delivery.

We will invest £3.6 million over a three-year period in Wales to establish mobile training hubs, benefitting a minimum of 3,000 individuals.

Welsh construction is projected to grow on average by 0.5 per cent by 2023, with a requirement for 6,550 workers.

The majority of students who start construction courses in further education do not progress into the sector. The main barrier for employment in the sector is not necessarily lack of jobs, but employers find that these students lack onsite experience and are not work-ready.

Government policy and construction output are focused on three areas of the country: South East,* South West and North Wales. With the modest growth in the sector, there is an opportunity to establish a recruitment infrastructure for the whole nation which:

  • creates a site and employment ready workforce to meet employers’ immediate needs
  • ensures proposals lend themselves to the unique characteristics of each locality.

*Please note, CITB are not seeking further applications for the South East area.

CITB are not seeking further applications for South East Wales, but are seeking to establish at least two onsite hubs  in North and South West Wales, to benefit a minimum of 3,000 individuals in the first three years.

The overall expected results across the two areas identified in this opportunity are:

  • two onsite hubs supporting 1,500 individuals to become employment and site-ready
  • supporting 1,500 full-time construction diploma students to receive an onsite experience
  • at least 450 individuals will achieve sustained employment, of which at least 135 are from under-represented groups
  • increased collaboration and potential for sustained local action as a result of this investment
  • employer and stakeholder consortia to create a critical mass of opportunities, thereby demonstrating the effectiveness and justification for an onsite training hub.

The application pack will be available from 25 November 2019. Please email onsite.experience@citb.co.uk to request a pack.

You can submit your application between 25 November and 5pm on 20 December 2019.