Routeways into construction

CITB invites bids from organisations representing sectors within the construction industry. We are looking to fund projects which develop and test pathways for entering into and progressing within sectors of the industry. We are particularly interested in sectors which have high recruitment needs or specialist requirements.

Some sectors in the construction sector face a significant recruitment and retention gap. This is in part because progression routes for careers are not understood and there is no single place to go to understand how to progress within occupations. This is an extra challenge for those people who have been recruited, as they need to work out the best way they can contribute and progress within the sector.

We welcome applications from organisations that can apply and test the principles of the commission to sectors within construction, such as:

  • Training groups
  • Federations with engagement from employers representing the targeted sector

CITB will provide up to £500K. Ideally this will fund at least two projects, to enable proof of concept.

CITB will fund up to 70% of the project costs, but you will need to find funding for the other 30% from other sources.

Projects can be up to two years in duration.

This intervention should complement CITB's work on attracting individuals into a career in construction. More importantly, it will bring a clearer understanding of the career possibilities in specific sectors, so construction workers can understand how they can increase their income and their ability to be retained within the sector.

There is a wealth of research underpinning the lack of career pathways into the sector, many of which underpinned our Pathways to Construction investment. This research provides the evidence of the lack of awareness of opportunities in the construction sector, and the lack of awareness of the breadth of occupations.

Sectors will be better able to speak with authority, consistently and comprehensively, about the opportunity to gain a career within the sector against a breadth of occupations.

The application pack will be available from 25 November 2019. Please email to request a pack.

You can submit your application between 25 November and 5pm on 20 December 2019.

We will send you an application form to complete.

We’re looking for applications which show:

  • How you will engage with a sector of the industry to articulate a routeway in construction
  • How you will work with employers who represent the sector you are targeting.
  • How you will articulate what is needed to enable individuals to be employed in the sector, and within occupations within the sector.
  • Consideration of how a routeway will be developed, the consultation and representatives which will need to be engaged.
  • How the routeway will be tested.
  • How you will gather evidence to demonstrate this has improved the ability for the sector to attract and retain new talent.
  • How this investment will benefit construction employers.

You will be provided with full guidance notes with your application form. 

Submit your application form no later than 5.00pm Friday 20 December 2019.

Join the webinar

We will be holding a webinar to review this opportunity and what CITB is seeking to understand through the application process.

We are holding a webinar on Friday 29 November at 1600, where you will have the opportunity to learn more and ask questions live.

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