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Onsite assessment for apprentices in Scotland

CITB is investing in construction apprenticeship training providers in Scotland.

We will be funding projects to train more assessors to cover the assessment of Modern Apprenticeship frameworks in construction.

Scotland needs more people who are trained to assess the work of construction apprentices

The Scottish government has announced changes to the way Modern Apprenticeships are assessed. The new approach brings additional work to the apprenticeships providers and the sector doesn’t have the capacity to deliver this change.

These changes mean that each apprentice will have to have the SVQ elements of their apprenticeship assessed. Apprenticeship training providers will need to gather evidence in their workplaces and assess apprentices onsite. There are not enough assessors in place to complete this work. As these changes are due to take effect from August 2019, there is an urgent need for more trained assessors.

ESP Scotland submitted evidence to the Scottish parliament which showed that:

  • an additional 100 assessors need to be recruited and trained over the next two years
  • the geographical areas of greatest need are Glasgow, Edinburgh and Tayside
  • the occupational areas which need additional focus are
    • Carpentry and Joinery
    • Painting and Decorating
    • Brickwork.

Anyone who provides construction apprenticeships in Scotland.


We have a budget of £500K to cover at least one project. CITB will fund up to 70% of the project costs, but you will need to find funding for the other 30% from other sources.

Projects can last up to two years.

Over the next two years CITB wants to ensure that 100 new, quality assessors are recruited and trained to deliver apprenticeship assessment in Scotland.

Window for applications opens: Monday 19 August 2019

Deadline for submitting applications: Monday 23 September 2019 at 5pm

We will send you an application form to complete.

We’re looking for applications which show:

  • how you will identify suitable candidates to become onsite assessors
  • how candidates are prepared for the challenges of mobile working
  • how new assessors will gain necessary skills to carry out assessments as required by the frameworks
  • how your project directly relates to construction apprenticeship provision in Scotland on a geographical and/or occupational basis
  • how you will identify and work with other providers across the country
  • how you will gather evidence from employers to underpin apprenticeship assessment
  • the factors that will ensure ongoing capacity in assessing apprenticeships in Scotland
  • how this investment will benefit construction employers in Scotland

You will be provided with full guidance notes with your application form. 

We will be holding a workshop where you can discuss and review your applications.

When: Thursday 29 August

Where: Stirling

Details of the venue will be sent to you with your application form.