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Mentoring for the construction industry (commission)

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Training and development

Learning resources, Careers and recruitment, Small employer support

Carmarthenshire Construction Training Association

Swansea Bay Construction Support Group, Dyfed Training Group, Cyfle Building Skills




Infrastructure, Housing, Commercial, Specialist

This project is focussed on mentoring in order to support the retention of new entrants.

The project will:

  • Provide 100 new entrants with a mentor
  • Train 100 Level 3 apprentices as mentors
  • Train 100 industry representatives as mentors
  • Produce two best practice guidebooks - one for mentors and one for mentees
  • Produce a video case study.
  • 100 new entrants to have a trained mentor
  • 100 Level 3 apprentices trained as mentors
  • 100 industry representatives trained as mentors
  • Two best practice guidebooks - one for mentors and one for mentees
  • Video case study.

01 Sep 2018

30 Sep 2020