Rules for Consensus report and calculation

  1. The 2016 Levy Return will be the basis for the calculation. This is the latest Assessed Levy Return.
  2. Only those likely to be liable to pay Levy under the Levy proposals are in scope of the calculation.
    • This will include positive, non-standard, Estimated Levy Assessments – as they are ‘likely to pay Levy’.
  3. Employers not ‘positively’ identified, by the employer, as being a member of a prescribed organisation (Consensus federation) (or a member of a sub-federation) will be included in the non-Consensus federation list.
    • This will apply to those employers categorised as ‘don’t know’ and ‘unknown’.
  4. Establishments listed on the Levy register will be treated as individual entities.
  5. If an employer is a member of multiple prescribed organisations (Consensus federations) their Levy value and vote will split equally between the prescribed organisations they belong to.
  6. Sub-federations will be included in the parent federation data where the parent federation is a prescribed organisation (Consensus federation)
    • Where a sub-federation is also a prescribed organisation, their members will be counted in the sub-federation.
  7. The list of prescribed organisations (Consensus federations) is as follows:
    • Build UK
    • British Woodworking Federation
    • Civil Engineering Contractors Association
    • Construction Plant-hire Association
    • Federation of Master Builders
    • Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS)
    • Hire Association Europe
    • Home Builders Federation
    • National Association of Shopfitters
    • National Federation of Builders
    • National Federation of Demolition Contractors
    • Scottish Building Federation
    • Scottish Decorators Federation
    • Scottish Plant Owners Association
  8. Prescribed organisations will report back on their members’ opinion on the proposed 2018-2020 Levy Order based on the question shown in the appendix.
  9. Prescribed organisations will provide written confirmation by 31 July 2017 of the method that they are using to establish the views of their members on the proposed 2018-2020 Levy Order.
  10. These rules have been drafted in accordance with and are subject to the provisions of the Reasonable Steps Order (RSO) 2008 as amended or updated from time to time. In the event of a conflict or query the provisions from the RSO shall apply.