Grants Scheme reform

CITB has consulted with industry in the last 12 months to reform the Grants Scheme. The focus has been on apprenticeships, qualifications, and short duration courses - making sure that funding is aimed at developing constructions skills.

You asked for a Grants Scheme that is:

You asked for a Grants Scheme that is: 1. Easier to understand; 2. Simpler to access; 3. Focused on supporting skills training

The outcome

By consolidating the short duration courses, extending the apprenticeship support and keeping focus on construction skills and qualifications, we believe that CITB are in a good position to:

The outcome: Drive up training standards; Improve learning outcomes; Use Levy money more efficiently

So what's new?

The Grants Scheme now supports Higher Level Apprenticeships from September 2017

We will phase in a number of changes from April 2018

  • From April 2018, the Grants Scheme will not provide supplementary grants. Enhanced rates of 10% will still apply to apprenticeships already started before April 2018.
  • In addition to apprenticeships and qualifications, there will be a defined list of over 500 short duration courses that are eligible for grant.
  • Training plans will no longer be used to access the Grants Scheme.
  • Grant support payments will be automated on successful completion of training.

Get full details of what's changing in our Grants Scheme.

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